An extraordinary story of Genocide and survival

On June 11, 2009, Sano and Thea Halo became Honory Greek Citizens.

Sano Halo taking the oath for her Honorary Greek Citizenship, with Consul General

Aghi Balta and Consul officer Stavros Pappas to her right, and Thea Halo to her left.

Photo by Costas Euthalitsidis

Sano and Thea meet with the President of Parliament, Dimitrios G. Sioufas.

Dimitris Tamboulidis, Sano Halo, Pres. of Parliament, Dimitrios Sioufas, and Thea Halo. The translator is in the background.

L to R. George Tsilfidis, Dimitris Tamboulidis, Sano Halo, Dimitrios Sioufas giving Sano a gift of a silver dish engraved with the Parliament building and the Greek Spiral of Life for a handle, Thea Halo, and Apostolos Apostolidis

Sano and Thea Halo meet the president of Greece. 2001.

Shown here is Sano Halo shaking hands with Presiient of Greece, Kostas Stephanopoulos in his offices in Athens. Also present: Costas Govostis, publisher of: "Oute To Onoma Mou" the Greek edition of "Not Even My Name," and Marina Frangos, the translator of the Greek edition. 2002.


Memorial from Columbia, South Carolina

Memorial Park, Columbia, SC - December 9, 2002
Placque and crepe myrtle tree dedicated to the Greeks, Assyrians, and Armenians
by the Order of AHEPA- Palmetto 284, and
Daughters of Penelope - Alethia 302


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