An extraordinary story of Genocide and survival

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November 2, 2002
Camilla, Ms Halo, I am a memeber of a book club consisting of foriegn women living in Athens. We are reading your book for out nov 20 meeting. What I am wondering is what has happened with your mother recently. During the period when your father was dying you mention your mother having a job but do not tell what it is. Also you mention that she bought a home with the money from the sale of the house in Neew Jersey but you don't say where. I was also wondering if there was more that the old man near your mothers town told her about what had happened in between when she left as a child and when you went back. Was the town taken over by locals and continued as it was? or did those mysterious watchers from the wood move in. Who were they? Kurds as your mother speculated? Did any of the people from your mother's village ever think of going to Greece? What kind of reception do you think they would have gotten? Has your mom ever heard from anyone who was from her area and in the march with her since the publication of the book? I could write many guestions but I would rather not overwhelm you! I would appreciate anything you would have to say to my bookclub about the book, your mother, yourself,or any of my questions. Thanks for your time, Camilla

Thursday 24th October 2002
Dear Thea, I am halfway through reading your book and I felt the need to write you this message. Thank you very much for highlighting what happened all those years ago back in Asia Minor to the Pontians. From the time I was a child I remember sitting with my Great Grand Parents and Grand Parents, listening to their stories of how their Parents, Partners, Children and Relatives were taken and killed in front of them by the turks. Also how they picked up and left everything behind, their possesions and their history in the space of a few minutes. All these years I use to sit and wonder why did it happened, and at the same time it also made me angry that such a horrible act could occur to so many innocent people, many of which were my ancestors. I myself am Pontian and Proud to be one. So thank you once again Thea for bringing the story of our ancestors to light, and letting others apart from the Pontians here their stories. Regards Lazaros Vassiliadis: Victoria, Australia 9:34am

July 2002
I had the privledge of meeting Ms. Halo and her mother at the Ahepa Convention in NYC in July 2002.After reading her story and knowing what she had been through, I was truly touched to see her and hear her speak. My own great grandmother's husband, father, brothers and others were killed by the Turks in Samsun (along the Black Sea) and I remember my mother telling me the stories. Her grandmother and mother escaped and made it to Greece, but with the horror of what had happened.I'm glad someone put all of this into a book so the history of this time can be read and understood by all. Thank You Daphne Tsimpris

Sophie Arvanitou, on behalf of the Tenedian Brotherhood

Dear Thea thank you for your wonderful book about your mother and what "really" happened at that time with the Asis Minor genocide. My dear grandmother was born on the island of Tenedos very close to the region of Troy. Through this book "I opened my eyes and relived what my grandmother had experience as a young girl of 12 when she left her beloved island with her twin sister & mother and were forced to leave with what they could carry at the time".. thank you for writing such a moving story about what really happened. bless you.. Sophie Arvanitou, Melbourne Australia and also on behalf of the Tenedian Brotherhood.

hello. i am turkish and believe real objective peace. i wanna read this i can get this book? best regards... Kaan Temizel

Date 26/06/02
Thea It has taken over 80 years, over 80 countries, over 80 people, over 80 meetings, over 80 commities .... none of them have done as much as you. P.S Please get it made into a film ... As I have requested in the past. Regards Stephanos Eleftheriadis

Date June 14, 2002
Thea you my add my e-mail if you still have it. I ish some one would read it that might have visited Ispilik and tell me what they found. You should lead a tour. I'd go!!!!! I will have my Indian friends write about their feelings after reading you book!! Thankyou again for adding so much to our lives Cindy Kalagidis Ede

June 11, 2002
Dear Thea Halo/ Thimia Halo. This book would be a perfect book in history classes around the world. It´s a big pitty that the most history that we here in the western world (i´m from sweden) is concentrated about the WW2 and the 20th century. Of cource, the events during that time will not be forgotten; but what about the slaughter of so many christians in Turkey in the beginning of the 20th century? The majority of the people I know haven´t heard of that. Thea Halo and I have the same origin, we both are 50% greek pontian and 50% assyrian - so the both sides of me have the same destiny. It´s so frustrating and sad to read what our people have gone thrue, that mankind can be so cruel. I can continue forever - but I hope you give your mother a big hug from me Thea, and god bless for this wonderful book (with tragic histories included). Good luck with the filming too... Peace, Love, Unity and Respect Jimmy Yoler

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Tamara Johnson, Tuesday May 28, 2002

Your book is one of the most precious books I have in my extensive collection. I have read it twice and will probably read it again. Each time I get so much more out of it. Your writing is wonderful and you have taught me so much I didn't know in a way that truly touched my heart. God Bless you and your dear Mother.

From: Staten Island, NY

Dear Thea congratulations for the book. It was handed to me by my mother last Eastern when I was visiting my family in Greece. I read half of it in greek and finished it in english. Those are the tories I grew up with from my grand parents. I remember jumping on my grandmother's lap and asking her to tell me the same tales... how was it when you lived in Turkey! While reading your mother's story tears would come often to my eyes because it was like I was hearing to those dear to me voices of my grandparents telling stories of happyness and joy. My family if of those that made it back to Greece. Some died on the way of the exile, some that had more access to formation and a bit of money packed their family and left before the slauter started, and some were saved by mistake since the Turkish army didn't see that amongst the dead bodies and blood not all hildren were dead. And then the new reality of the new country, new home, all new. But there is something I saw in the story of your mom that I see in my parents and grandparents, even to me. This strong heart that is determined to make it, to live and wouven the cloth that God has appointed to them! Indeed that is a gift from God, it can be nothing other! I am also glad for you because through this story I am sure you fount part of your identity as well. God bless you and your family and greetings to your mother. If there were not for people like her we wouldn't be what we are today, not as individuals not as a nation. Maria Kokozidou Born and brought up in Greece, living in Cologne Germany

Thank you Ms.Halo

Demetra Tsakabika, Monday, 9/ 17/ 01, 10:32 PM

my grand parents were from Sinope, and i grew up not with tails for children but with the stories from the refugees .Reading the story of Sano i remember my grand mother , she went by food until berruti(us she used to say)and i thing that this caravan of refugees were the same because i recognaze the names of the cities that she told me. i red the book without stop until i finished it , so my husbund did and my kids too. i congradulate and i thank Thea for this book, because i felt just like my grand parents'souls will find justice in heaven. Thank you very much ÄÇÌÇÔÑÁ

From: kerkyra-hellas

Maria Papaioakim Saturday, 8/ 4/ 01, 2:53 AM

I was raised with stories from my grandmother about how they were forced to leave Erzerum (apparently "land of the greeks") in Northern Turkey and finally ended up in Thessaloniki through Russia after several years. A dream of mine was to actually be able to take her back, together with my mother, and find out more about where we came from, but she left us a few years ago, at age 87, and never gave me the chance to make this reality. One of my mum's dreams was for me to write the story of this journey and I guess I always thought I would at some point. Thea, your book made our dreams come true. I just wish that my grandmother was still with us to read it. I would be very happy to hear from you and maybe share some of the little information I have from notes of what my grandmother talked about, if that helps your research. Kind regards, Maria

From: Thessaloniki, Greece
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Paris Papageorgiou Sunday, 7/ 29/ 01, 5:42 AM

Thanks and gratitude to Thea Halo for this book. I am a Pontian Greek of the third generation (born in Greece in the 60's). My grandparents were born in Fatsa, in the wider area where Eftymia Halo was born. My grandmothers father, Andreas, was hanged by the Turks in Bitlis, where he was exiled with many other Pontian Greeks. My grandparents belonged to the Greek Evangelical Church of Fatsa, a community of about 70 families. Probably the step-grandmother of Efthymia Halo, who was a Greek Protestant Christian came from that Greek Evangelical Community of Fatsa or the bigger one in the town of Ordu. The Greek Evangelicals of Pontos were persecuted together with the Orthodox Greeks by the Turks and came in Greece in 1923, although as a part of the Protestant Millet of the Ottoman Empire they were not officialy included in the Lausanne Treaty. Most of them, especially those coming from Fatsa and Ordu formed a big Evangelical Neighborhood in the town of Katerini in Northern Greece (about 300 families in the 30's, 500 in the 50's). Many survivers of the persecution who live now in Katerini, remember to have walked on a similar route with Sano Halo's family, that is from the Black Sea to the Diyarbakir and from there to Halep. So "Not even my name" is a part of our history. Thanks again.

From: Katerini, Greece
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JoAnne Manse Friday, 7/ 27/ 01, 5:36 AM

Not Even My Name was one of the most touching, moving, tragic books I have ever read. Yet, it somehow managed to end with a spirit of triumph--of the spirit and of the will. No other book has affected me the way this one has.

From: Rutherford, NJ
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Nancy Boyajy Thursday, 7/ 26/ 01, 11:17 AM

I am Assyrian on my father's side. My ancestors are Assyrians from Turkey. My Aunt, whose mother came to this country from Turkey, told me to read Not Even My Name, and it was the first time I really understood why my father had such a deep seated hatred of Muslims. Suddenly things made so much sense. But no one had ever explained the genocide to me. It's just not something they spoke of. Thank you for writing this book. I am recommending it to my son and my sister so that they can understand this part of their heritage.

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walter reimann Tuesday, 7/ 17/ 01, 2:43 PM

Thea, just read this and know I`m there, thanks for your messages and give a hug to your mom as long as she lives Walter from Berlin

From: Berlin

Marianna Steriadis Tuesday, 7/ 17/ 01, 1:47 PM

I can't wait to find and read this book! It sounds very interesting.

From: Clearwater Beach, Florida
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tina zhang Tuesday, 7/ 10/ 01, 12:00 PM

From: syracuse, ny
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Jerry G Sokaris Saturday, 7/ 7/ 01, 12:46 PM

I was very moved by your book and am embarassed that I did not know the full implications of the holocost in spite of being raised in a Greek community and attending the Greek Orthodox church all my life.

From: North Greenbush NY
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Anne Sirota Wednesday, 7/ 4/ 01, 12:36 AM

A wonderful book! Thank you for writing this poignant story.

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Memorial (Menelaos,Mark) Kalagidis Sunday, 7/ 1/ 01, 12:40 PM

Dear Thea. I read about your talk to the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church fellowship not to long ago in Canton,Ohio,and more recently began to read Your book Not Even My Name, written about your mother's history.It is similar in some ways to my Pontic Greek parent's who emmigrated to the US in 1913&24. It is truly a very touching testimony about what humans have done/ can do to other humans throughout history. Thank you for allowing first generation US Greeks to better understand the lives and to more humbly honor the memory of our parents,their sacrifices,and their tragic hist,ory. What incredible privileges they made possible for us!! MAy God richly bless all of your family members. Yours sincerely, Mark Kalagidis

From: N.Canton, ohio
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AKRITIDIS YIANNIS Thursday, 6/ 28/ 01, 4:31 AM

I would like to thank Thea for the wonderful book. It helped me to feel more deeply my grandmother's hard childhood. She had also tried not to mention that cruel period of her life. Thanks.

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Karen Somerset Thursday, 6/ 21/ 01, 8:43 AM

Dear Thea and Themia I just finished "Not Even My Name" and I'm filled with admiration for both of you. Themia, to survive the horrors and sorrows and emerge full of love is a testament to the human soul. Thea, the book was compelling, heart-rending and beautifully written. What a blessing you must be to your mother and all who know you. I am left with a feeling of envy - yes, envy. The brief childhood that Themia had is what every child should have. The love and closeness of family, living close to the land, simple pleasures - these are the things that most spoiled Americans are really seeking. I'm so sorry that everything in Turkey ended so tragically. Themia, you were able to give those same things to your own children. I salute you and envy them. God bless you both. Karen Somerset

From: Missoula, Montana
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Jeff Contos Wednesday, 6/ 20/ 01, 9:51 PM

Thank you for sharing Sano's incredible story. Her recollections have helped to learn more about the history of our people.

From: Union City, California
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Janine Sunderland Tuesday, 6/ 12/ 01, 10:46 PM

From: Australia (living in Norway)
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Salasidis Isaac Monday, 6/ 11/ 01, 10:41 AM


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Roger Jennings Tuesday, 6/ 5/ 01, 8:20 PM

The book, I understand from a reader, mentions Asa K. Jennings, my Grandfather. He was a native of Upstate New York, and was a Methodist minister of the Northern Conference before serving the Red Cross in France during WWI, and the YMCA after WWI. 14 days after being posted in Smyrna with his family the Turks invaded the City. The Greek Southern Army had evacuated in advance of the Turks leaving some 350,000 Greek, Armenian and Jewish refugees. The foreigners left on ships, including the Americans, but my Grandfather chose to stay behind at the risk of his life to aid the refugees. He went to Ataturk who was very feared and amazingly got his permission to remove the refugees. Ataturk gave Asa 11 days, and no ships flying a Greek flag would be allowed in port, and no ships could tie up at the pier. Asa bribed an Italian merchant captain to take 2000 people to Mitilene, and part of the deal was that the Capt. required Asa to go along in case the Greek authorities would not allow 2000 people to disembark. In Mitilene Asa found the ships that removed the Greek Army. Then he engages the Greek Government in a negotiation which resulted in 55 ships being put under the control of Asa Jennings. The 350,000 people were removed in 11 days, and according to the NY Times, December 28, 1922, Asa was presented the highest civilian honor and the highest war honor. He is the only person in the history of Greece to receive both simultaneously. Asa stay on to remove additional Greeks, etc., from Anatolia, and to take ethnic Turks from Greece to Turkey. He commanded those ships for a year, and then was selected by both Greece and Turkey to represent each country for the repatriation of POW's. All POW's were repatriated under his supervision. As the Grandson of Asa K. Jennings, I have all his historical documents, photos, medals, a marvelous scrol in gold presented by The Common Committee of the Non-liberated Hellens which recognizes "with gratitude your majestic and valuable services in saving 300 thousand refugees exposed to the danger of being slaughtered by the blood-thirsty Kemal, and the many dangers and labor to which you were submitted during their transportation and safe-conduct in Greek territory, Herald You, the real altruist, for this humanitarrian action, Its benefactor and declare you Its Honorrary Member." / s/ Thbe President Gen. Scty The Members. Previously I corresponded with Archbishop Iakovos just prior to his retirement, and at his initiative had a visit in 1994 by Peter Limber who was, and may still be, a leader of the church in New York City. Peter saw some of the original documents, photos, letters, scroll, metals, etc., in my possession. I regret that all the Greeks that I know or have ever met know so little about this very important chapter in the history of Greece. If anyone has questons, I will be glad to respond. My work number is 518-798-2277, but talking about Greek history is not work, but rather a pleasure. Roger Jennings

From: Glens Falls, NY
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Helen Sokaris Tuesday, 6/ 5/ 01, 7:10 PM

Hello Ms. Halo, I've been trying to get in touch with you and have sent you several e-mails inviting you to Albany, NY. Perhaps through this comment, you can contact me at sokarishm@ so we can set up a date this coming fall. Hope to hear from you soon.

From: Albany, NY
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Despina Karasavvidou Tuesday, 5/ 29/ 01, 3:31 PM

Hello Thimia and Thea, i am a 27 years old greek proud pontic, born in Germany! My parents went to Germany 1959. Their parents came from Turkey, loosing on their way parents, brothers, sisters. They saw them dead, throwed dowm the ship. My grandmother often told me, how she came alone to a new world, without country, parents, identidy. I am in Greece, Thessaloniki at this time and I see you on TV. Your true lifestory makes me cry all the time. It makes me remember again which are my roots and the terrible history i am part of. You know, i feel more greek, than the greeks here in Greece. My parents always hold the greek side of us alive, and especially the pontic side of us, with the pontic and greek dances, the language (the pontic, too), the confession and all the customs and habits. I thank you that you did this, what no greek goverment or politician could make the last 80 years: show the world, and especially the greeks the importance of the genocide, and make us remember our hostory. I am happy that we can buy from tomorrow on your book in Greece too, so that i can get really through the story. I will try to tell many People about you in Germany, there are many greek pontics with the same stories. I wish you from my heard all the best!!! I am very proud of beeing a pontic, we have a strong will, how your mother Thimia showed.We can be strong, if we hold together!!!!! I send greetings to all greeks in America, Germany, Greece and all over the World!!!! Despina Karasavvidou

From: Germany
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Demosthenes Timotheou Friday, 5/ 25/ 01, 8:44 AM

I wish the leaders of this world should read the book.

From: Thessaloniki
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Nikos S. Georgiadis Wednesday, 5/ 23/ 01, 11:38 PM

Congratulations! Thank you for letting the world know what happened.

From: Kastoria - Hellas
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Haralabidis Thanasis Wednesday, 5/ 23/ 01, 12:17 PM

I always beleived that the Greeks who live out of Greece feel...more Greek than us, who live in Greece...With your book you give the opportunity to us, younger Greeks, to learn and most important, to remember.This is something that some people here, who call themselves Greeks, do not want us to do...and unfortunately they govern us...For what its sure that the Greek people will NEVER FORGET...THANK YOU for your memories, we printed them in our minds and souls...THANK YOU...

From: Thessaloniki, Greece
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Hellen Haziprodromu Wednesday, 5/ 23/ 01, 10:50 AM

This is also the story of my family. The book Not Even My Name was amazing and painful for me to read. Thank you Thea for writing it and thank you for its publication. My father was born in Turkey and 'had' to leave around 1924 - he lived in Trapazonda. He has never really talked about his flight, but talks fondly of his life in Turkey. My Mother's family as well had to leave their home in Turkey. I will be visiting my Grandmother in Greece this summer and hope to get more details about her life in Turkey. I would love to be able to bring copies of the book to my family in Greece - Has it and/ or will it be published in GREEK? If so, please advise me how to get copies. Hellen (Eleni)

From: Toronto, On Canada
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Theodore Mavroidis Sunday, 5/ 20/ 01, 1:18 PM

We the Greeks are accused of having an obsession with history but it can be easily proved that history has a lot to teach us since it repeats itself And on top of that I believe that we should not forget our past I look forward to get hold of a copy of this book as soon as it will be published in Greece Thank you

From: Greece, Athens
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Helene Pignot Thursday, 4/ 26/ 01, 5:15 AM

Is this extraordinary book going to be translated into French? Thank you for writing this unforgettable story; so few people here in France know about this genocide.

From: France
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Constantine Heridis Sunday, 4/ 15/ 01, 5:28 PM

Is enybody there,who traveled latetly to Turkey(the same places Thea Sano did with her Mother)? I'm planing to go to Greece next August,to take my 95 years old Father,to Turkey in his birthplace (Teknetsouk close to Mouhat city or vilage). How safe is it, and what is important to keep in mind and watch, or do and not do, or say and not to say ,or have and not to have? Also wich way is the best and safest way to travel to and through Turkey,by sea,by train,flyimg or driving with a 95 years old man? What currency shoul we carry ,drachmes,dollars,travel checks or Turkey's money(lira)?Any information will be greatly appreciated! Thank you and GOD bless. Contstantine Heridis (PONTIOS) P.S.I'm planing to rent a VAN/ MINIVAN CAR. Is it good idea?(We'll be three sons and our Father.Two brothers American citizens with American passports and Euro-passports).

From: California , USA
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Viken Sunday, 4/ 1/ 01, 7:44 PM

Sunday April 22nd, 2000. Mass demonstration, 2 pm TImes Square, to commemorate the 86 anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Bring your greek, assyrian, cypriot and byzantine flags, and make yourselves known!

From: New Jersey

Bernestine Singley Tuesday, 3/ 27/ 01, 12:13 PM

Thea, I'm on the NWU-BOOK list serve with you and am a bit behind in reading the postings there. But when I saw the great news about NOT EVEN MY NAME, I came here, albeit belatedly, to congratulate you. You are a blessed woman to be able to tell this story, to have a mother who shared it with you, to have been listening when she was sharing it, and, perhaps most of all, to have her be alive to witness the teling. As soon as I finish my manuscript, NOT EVEN MY NAME will definitely be the very next book I read. Bernestine

From: Texas
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Stephen Andreopoulos Friday, 3/ 9/ 01, 4:28 PM

Ms. Halo, I attended your presentation at St. Paul's Greek Orthodox Cathedral last evening with my mother and my first cousin. It was moving and interesting. I briefly thanked you for writing this book. I thank you again. Reading your book brought me a little closer to understanding some disturbances in my family of birth which can be understood as ripples generated from that awful time for Pontic Greeks. While reading the book, I imagined that I was reading the story of my own grandmother,also a Pontic Greek whose family was forced from their homes and sent out of the country. Her family was also forced to leave their home within a few days notice and then shipped to Piraeus where my grandmother, 14 at the time, was separated from her mother forever and sent to the US. Many of the deatails of her life are now lost as she spoke very little of her ordeals from that journeyto my mother and her sister. My grandmother also did not talk about her young life to my mother, so we know very little. We know the town was called Hortocop, near Trabezond. My mother, my cousin and myself have been interested in going to the Pontic region for some time now. In fact, my mother and I had a trip planned seven years ago which we postponed indefinitely when my mother injured her back. I would appreciate any guidance you might give me as we contemplate another trip. For example, is it dangerous for an American to travel in that part of Turkey, should I be concerned about my Greek name, etc. I am also interested in supporting the ongoing efforts to have this atrocity recognized by the Turkish government. Please send me relevant websites if you can. Thank you again. Stephen Andreopoulos

From: New Hyde Park, New York
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GEORGE KOUDELIS Tuesday, 2/ 27/ 01, 6:26 PM

Dear Ms. Halo: I just finished reading Not Even My Name and I'm not sure I can articulate the flood of emotions evoked. It's such a sad story and so demonstrative of man's inhumanity to man. My own parents were not from Pontos, but my wife's parents were and, through them and expansive reading of my own, I knew a good deal of the history. My people were from the old Troas region (where the Trojan war was fought) on the southern edge of the Dardanelles near the West Coast of Turkey from a small village named "Erengioy" near "Tsanakale" (both phonetic). They also lost family members in the genocide. I often wished that I had taken a family history from them, but I never did. I've regretted it ever since. Now they are both gone. That's why I am so glad I read your book. I know that my own family history would have been similar. I can tell you that I cried more than once and I'm sure that's unusual for a 65 year old man. The telling is so poignantly and beautifully done that it gives the reader a sense of almost being there. Your mother is truly a woman of great substance whom I admire without ever having met. To be able to keep life and the world in perspective without bitterness, but with ever expanding love and sensitivity after such a horrifying, long-term experience, is nothing short of remarkable. I congratulate you on this important contribution to the recorded history of our people and for helping to further expose the atrocities committed by the Turks. I look forward to meeting you at Saint Demetrios Church on March 17th and hope to have the good fortune of meeting your mother. George Koudelis PS: Harry Seiss is a dear family friend whom we have known for almost forty years.


GEORGE KOUDELIS Tuesday, 2/ 27/ 01, 5:40 PM



Yiannis Varetimidis Monday, 2/ 26/ 01, 4:00 PM

Dearest Thea A relative of mine sent my family your book from the States seeings they can't read English I read it and described it to them and I must say that when I picked it up I wasn't able to put it down. It's breathtaking. I am a Pontian living in Greece and have always been interested in our people's history. Your book has certainly quenched my thirst for knowledge on our people. Thank you very much! Have you considered translating it into Greek? If you do I'd be honored to help.

From: Giannitsa Greece
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Lana Pangiotakopoulos Sunday, 2/ 18/ 01, 3:54 PM

I was so thrilled to see your book - for the last year I have been compiling information on Smyrni - my grandmother was two years old when they were forced to leaved - I am making a documentary on her journey - we plan to visit smirni (present day Ismir) this summer - I had hoped very much to find photos of the Royal Theater in Athens which housed many refugees - my grandmother's family lived for four years - would you be able to point me in a direction? I thank you and congratulate you on having the foresight to publish such an important book!!! Lana Panagiotakopoulos

From: athens
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Julia A. McGuire Wednesday, 2/ 14/ 01, 3:12 PM

From: 12 Clara Ave. New Windsor, NY 12553
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George Gabriel Omartian II Monday, 2/ 5/ 01, 3:49 PM

Dear Miss Halo, I have just finished reading NOT EVEN MY NAME. Well done and extremely moving. In many ways you have written the story of my own family who were Armenians driven from their ancestral homes at the foot of Mt. Argeus,in the village of Chomaklou, just south of Kaisarea. The Greeks of Kappadocia flourished in towns and villages to their immediate west, but I have never heard talk of them from my parents who were born there. I think that doctrinal differences kept the commnities quite separate. I have learned of the Kappadocians' medieval(10th to 12th Century history), but have now learned much from you of their most recent martyrdoms, so much like that of their fellow Christian Anatolian bretheren. May I recommend William Dalrymple's TO A HOLY MOUNTAIN for a brilliant contemporary account of today's Orthodox Christians of Eastern Turkey. With many others, I wish God's blessings on you and your Mother. I hope someday to have the honor of meeting you in person.

From: Woodbury, CT
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Carolyn Hadden Monday, 1/ 15/ 01, 4:35 PM

I enjoyed reading your book so much.It is excellent. Congratulations.You must be so proud of your wonderful mother. Sincerely, Carolyn Hadden

From: Trinidad,West Indies
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Eleni Frangoulis Papageorgiou Saturday, 1/ 13/ 01, 6:00 PM

I just bought your book and it's incredible. My immediate lineage is from Mitilene. But my maternal grandfather and great grandparents were from Asia Minor. As well as my paternal grandparents. Their families were wiped out at the hands of the turks. Your mother is certainly a brave and wonderful woman. I applaude you both for having the courage to write this book. Thank you for a poignant and heartfelt account of the atrocities that no one wants to admit to.

From: New York
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Ted Vittas Friday, 1/ 5/ 01, 6:56 AM

By the way. Thea Halo will be appearing at a Symposium on the Christian Genocide of Asia Minor on Sunday January 14th in Wyckoff, New Jersey. It will be held at the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, 467 Grandview Ave., Wyckoff, NJ. For more information see sammyjt Admission is free.

From: Wayne, NJ
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Ted Vittas Friday, 1/ 5/ 01, 6:52 AM

I enjoyed the book and learned very much about this periof of time. I plan to see you speak in Wyckoff, NJ on January 14th.

From: Wayne, NJ
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NINOUS POURESHAGH Thursday, 1/ 4/ 01, 6:13 PM

Beautiful true story, excellent writing.


Ginger Sharbel Monday, 1/ 1/ 01, 8:51 PM

You reached into my heart and imprinted so many vivid scenes of your mother's life journey. How proud and grateful you must be to have such a mother! My husband's father (Lebanese) came to this country in 1905 from Zahle, so I was especially interested in your pages about their stay with relatives there. I am 67 with 3 children and 9 grandchildren all nearby. I cannot imagine surviving, even thriving, as your mother did, through such trials. Thank you for taking me into a world and time I knew so little about and sharing this inspiring story.

From: Birmingham, AL
E-mail: ginruns@

Catherine Carr Wednesday, 12/ 13/ 00, 12:09 PM

I am also Greek. Growing up I remember that the Turks were always the "bad people" but never understood why. My daughter had to do an immigration project for 5th grade and we did it on my mothers side. My cousin let me borrow the book "Not Even My Name" to let me understand what had happened to that side of the family and that part of the country. No one in my family would talk about their past. They would walk away or say that they don't remember anything. Thank you for writing the book and letting people know what had happened.

From: Concord NH
E-mail: bcarr85627@

Vivian Milczarski Wednesday, 12/ 6/ 00, 11:15 AM

Could you please contact me regarding the possibility of doing a program here at the library? I do not know how else to reach you and could not find your names in the local phone book. Thank you very much.

From: Cornwall Public Library
E-mail: vmilczar@

kRIKOR H. KRIKORIAN Monday, 11/ 27/ 00, 7:35 PM

Dear Ms. Halo I just finished reading your wonderful book and I can relate to the events described with so much eloquence. My father was born in Diyarbakir . At age 14, after losing his father and two older brothers in the hand of the Turkish solders, was sent to the death march to the Syrian desert along with 1.5million Armenians. This was the prelude to the later killing of Greeks and Assyrians. Although it was very painful for me to read the book , I congratulate you for you courage to reveal this undeniable historical facts that the government of Turkey continues to destort even today, with the support of our government . Congratulations and Thank You Krikor H. Krikorian Bayside, New York P.S. The Warde (Rose) name is nor Turkish. I gues it is Armenian since the Armenian word for rose is Vard (or Wart). The Turkish word for rose is Gul or Ghiul.


Gerald Merzoian Saturday, 11/ 25/ 00, 5:31 PM

To Mrs. Sano Halo & her daughter Thea I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your book. It is so touching it made me cry. I suppose its because my poor widowed grandmother and her two small children watched Smyrna burn and their neighbors, family and friends killed before their own eyes. My family knows what it feels like to lose everything overnight and become penniless refugees living (at least) in a foreign land (Greece) After reading your story I am changing my mind on taking a sentimental journey to Smyrna (Izmir). I gathered by the ending of your story that leaving the past in the past is the best way. Being of Armenian descent I wondered what happened to Zohra, Hagop, Arexine and Sonya? I only wish your story was longer I hated to put the book down! Sincerely, Gerald Merzoian

From: Fresno, Calif
E-mail: merzoian@

Total Entries: 94
kitty Tuesday, 11/ 21/ 00, 12:08 PM

Amazing book - written so beautifully and sensitively -thank you for writing it - I'm going to recommend it to everyone!

From: boston
Web Site: youanimal
E-mail: youanimal@

Mary Christine Arakelian Friday, 11/ 17/ 00, 12:03 PM

I just finished reading Not Even My Name, and it was a very touching story. It reminded me of my grandmother's stories that she used to tell me when I was younger.

From: Longmeadow, MA
E-mail: scanlon2@

Claudelle Daoud Tuesday, 11/ 14/ 00, 7:41 AM

11/ 14/ 00 Dear Thea, I hope you initially get this. I am an Assyrian born in Baghdad but moved to Greece then finally arrived here in America at the age of two. I am practically an American now in Chicago with no recollection of my country. Reading your book really reminded of the elders in my family and of the stories they told from the old country when we first came to America and lived in a house with all my family members. My family originated from the Hikari mountains in Turkey in the surrounding villages. I have vivid memories of my great grandmother telling stories about the slaughters in that area around the 1900's and how she was caught up in it watching people and family getting raped, killed, and viciously beaten. She, like your mother, was a survivor as well. Growing up around my family and community, I have heard of the stories of genocide and empathized as much as an Assyrian American could. However, reading your story of the true accounts of your mother living in the time of my great grandmother brought tears to my eyes. How could have I not known and felt and empathized before? I would find myself reading from the parts of your book where the family is being lead to the death march and slowly recalling the stories of my great grandmother. Of how babies were born from their mothers as they marched along, of how old people were shot and killed had they not kept up, of how young women were raped or stolen and taken away, and of how our men suffered beatings, torchers, and death camps. I not only salute you for telling this story, the story of your mother, the story of my great grandmother but I salute you for having the love in your heart as a daughter of a Greek and an Assyrian not to forget who you are and how you got here. The stories of the tragedies of our people have gone untold for far too long. Thank you for bringing me closer to this part of myself and for reminding me once more that I do have a history and a people. You are an inspiration to me, and I would love to meet you someday in regards to the book and learn more from you and the stories of your mother. Have you visited Chicago? There is a big population of Greeks and Assyrians here that I'm should would love to have you as a guest speaker. Consider this an invitation? I would like to know if you are in fact going to be visiting Chicago any time soon. Thank you so much again for your dedication. -Claudelle Daoud

From: Baghdad, Iraq
E-mail: zoe6227@

Sarah Monday, 11/ 6/ 00, 6:52 PM

Hi... I have to admit that I made a special order for this book & waited 2 months!! before I got it... I've nearly finished it...& i love it It feels like my own parents story...all those words like "kibbe" etc where all easliy understood, & boy did I cry in so many parts of that book ! All though the book was never dedicated to my people directly ( like the greeks/ aremenians/ assyrians ) I know Thea would mean my people too. What people are they? well of course those that originated from Mesopotamia...In stead of us calling our selves "Assyrian" like many of my people have started to do ( b/ c no one recognises our name..we grab the closet's thing) .We are Syrian ( Arameans ) that speak syriac ...which comes from Aramaic ( yes, yes Jesus's language ). My parents came from Midyat, villiages called Adiyaman & Hapsnas... My mum has also got some Armenian background too.. I wish my parents could have told me in as much detail as Thea did...what they went through ...but it seems like they've chosen to forget... Stories like those that Thea wrote make me thank GOD every day that my parents stepped on that plane, to Australia. On day I hope to visit my parents homeland without fear in my heart & I hope I won't have to hide the crucifix I wear. Sarah

From: Australia
E-mail: sarooni@

Eugenia Kalaitzidis Tuesday, 10/ 31/ 00, 1:58 PM

I started this book on Sunday and finished within 24 hours. I really connected with the story. I actually felt it as a part of me, my history. I'm Pontian from my mother's side. We grew up listening to stories of the horror's my grandparents lived through. It really pierced my soul to read how your mother survived and how she was treated by people. How her name, religion, language and family were stripped from her. I grew up listening to my mother speak the beautiful dialect that she grew up with. It is amazing that the ancient language has survived thousands of years. I was always proud to know the kind of history us Pontians have. The whole world should know of these atrocities committed by the Turkish government. Thank you for writing your mother's story. I wish she was able to find someone in her family who survived. I truly wish. Thank you.

From: New York
E-mail: geotan4@

Mary K. Dedes Sunday, 10/ 29/ 00, 4:26 PM

Sent you email requesting permission to copy pages 117-127.

From: Toledo, Ohio
E-mail: petededes@

Frances Pavlides Thursday, 10/ 26/ 00, 8:13 PM

I am so thankful that this story has been written. A true personal experience that is written with such eloquence. It is vivid. My mother's story has so many similarities. Your book has given me the missing links. I purchased this book yesterday and finished it today. I read it through almost without stop. I don't have a grudge with the Turks. But I don't want the truth to be denied. I especially do not wish this page in history to be ignored.

From: Los Angeles
E-mail: Fpavlides@

Panayiota Kilaras Bougiamas Wednesday, 10/ 25/ 00, 7:45 AM

"Not Even My Name" makes a significant contribution to preserving history as it really happened, and it serves as a powerful force to contradict Turkish efforts to suppress knowledge of their atrocities against many Greek, Assyrian and Armenian people. Your book is especially timely since the United States House of Representatives recently backed off on a resolution that would have condemned Turkey's slaughter of Armenians 85 years ago. (New York Times, Friday, October 20, 2000, p. A11). Your mother's memories really hit home with me; my relatives were driven out of northern Cyprus during the Turkish invasion of 1974, losing all their land. I have grown up listening to my parents' stories about the invasion. Thank you for writing such an inspiring and beautifully written book.

From: Born in USA, of Cyprian parents
E-mail: toulakb@

Michael Vassiliou Tuesday, 10/ 24/ 00, 4:21 PM

Essential reading for all, it¿s important to learn the past to understand the present. Although once enlightened we naturally demand that ¿it should never happen again¿, but unfortunately History has a habit of repeating itself, witness the ongoing persecution of the Kurds, witness the barbaric invasion and ethnic cleansing of occupied northern Cyprus. Understanding the nature of the Beast is vital to learning how to deal, and perhaps one day even taming it. The book is a priceless homage and tribute not just to the Author & her family, but to the memory of the countless hundreds of thousand innocents who suffered and died just because they were not the right Race in a land ruled by the most efficient mass murdering ideology until the arrival of the Nazis, namely Turkish Nationalism. Germany paid a heavy price for allowing the evil Master Race dogma of the Nazis to take over, and ever since German Governments have taken tough steps to extinguish manifestations of Neo-Nazism. In complete contrast because the Military have always ruled Turkey, their controlled civilian ¿Governments¿ encourage a chauvinistic Nationalism based on racial purity and territorial opportunism, and therefore Turkey will always be a threat to all neighbouring Countries and their people. For those who want to know more about what happen to the ancient indigenous people in Turkey, here are two other books that cover some of the events mentioned in Not Even My Name, the first is a semi- fictionised autobiography based on real events titled Farewell Anatolia by Dido Sotiriou, and the other is Smyrna 1922 by Marjorie Housepian Dobkin, which is a poignant and meticulous record of eyewitness accounts. Thea & Sano, thank you and blessed be your names.

From: London
E-mail: michael@

Tuesday, 10/ 24/ 00, 2:02 AM

FANI PASHALIDIS Monday, 10/ 23/ 00, 11:22 AM

oct 23/ 00 2:20p.m. i've just ordered the book. can't wait to read it. you have done all pontons justice.bravo.

E-mail: fpashalidis@

Carole L. Esposito Wednesday, 10/ 18/ 00, 7:58 AM

Really an incredible book. Gives me an appreciation for refugee situations going on today throughout the world. Would have liked more history wrt the Greek's responsibility throughout history. For example, I was reading about the communist coming into Mongolia and how they destroyed that country, but no mention was made of the Mongolian guilt wrt the Khans. Another example is how white Americans are so shocked at race riots that our country (USA) has experienced in recent years. But our country is responsible because of what we did 200 years ago with slavery. I.e., it is the concept of the "sins of our fathers." No, I am not excusing genocide. I'm simply saying that ALL of us have to take responsibility for the sins of our fathers. That includes me taking responsibility for slavery in the USA even though I am only a 2nd generation American. In any case, I loved the book and was pleased to be educated in the struggles of the Pontic Greeks and the 1920 Death March. Thank you.

From: Chicago (well, chicago metropolitan area)
E-mail: clesposito@

B.Charalambous Sunday, 10/ 15/ 00, 10:40 AM

Im halfway through your book and find it extremley moving and haunting, mirroring my personal experinces as a refugee from occupied northern Cyprus. Unfortunatley history is repeating itself in Cyprus, but now we have an opportunity to stop this from being so. I really hope that as Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians in the US, this book enbales these communities to pressure the US govt to recognise this genocide despie Turkish threats. Turkey should recognise its resposibilities, apologise, conpensate and re-habilitate these groups. However since the present nazi turkish state was built upon the myth of racial purity, only force can drag these racists to the same level of moral decency that Germany achived in recognising the Holocaust.

From: London
E-mail: karpasia@

Harry Zachariades Thursday, 10/ 12/ 00, 7:11 PM

I too have an eldelry mother who describes vividly the horrors of that age under the Turks. I was born in 1949 in Trabzon, and sometimes I wonder if I was the last Greek to be born there. My family moved to Konstatinople in the early fifties, and as a young boy I witnessed the burning of my Church in 1957. Although I've lived in the States for almost 40 years, these memories only strengthen my ties to my heritage... I've already ordered your book ...can't wait ....

From: Trabzon
E-mail: Zachar@

Vicken Kalbian Tuesday, 10/ 10/ 00, 3:13 PM

My fathers family too perished in Diyarbekir in 1915.Sano is a universal model of courage,faith and dignity under the tragic travails of her long life.I will love her dearly. Thank you for sharing with us the joy of life.She is beuatiful!

From: Virginia
E-mail: vkalbian@

vivian shabilla Sunday, 10/ 8/ 00, 6:06 PM

please call me a.s.a.p.,,,,,,,am assyrian from sandiego, my husband samir shabilla is the president of the assyrian american association of sandiego, hes innviting you to give a lecture to the fellow chaldeans and assyrians here in town, and to also have a t.v. interview on the chaldean assyrian t.v. program, we also like to connect you to the assyrians in los angeles that are waiting to see you,and to have a lecture as well,and also the assyrians in sanjose and modesto calif.,, i vivian shabilla, would like 2 let local channels make a a t.v. special on your book and the assyrian holocoust, please call me at this number monday thru friday 8a.m. to 3p.m., we are waiting for your reply.......p.s. your book is moving,,it has touched our heart in many ways, through this you have given so much, but the best of you is yet to come as you will learn about what the assyrians have sufferd as well, welcome our long lost daughter, our arms and hearts are open to greet you and to tuck you in forever,, wishing hoping and working on keeping our nation alive forever,,, we shall rise from the ashes ,,,i would like to put you in connection with other people, and seeing your work on not even my name is like a bomb and your next one will even be stronger,,,please exsept our love and best wishes, sincerly vivian shabilla

From: sandiego,california
E-mail: va v v o o @

Abeer Sacco Sunday, 10/ 1/ 00, 8:03 PM

Dear Thea :) My father told me that you where at the convention in Chicago and Detroit, and I wish I could have been there to see you. You are such a great inspiration to me and I thank you for sharing the great story of your mother and the story of our people. When my dad brought me your book back from the convention I was so happy. I was even happier when I saw that you signed it for me. I will definitely try my best until the day I die to ¿keep their meaning alive¿ as you say. Hopefully one day I will get the honor of meeting you. May God bless you and your beautiful spirit, and long live the Assyrian, Greek and Armenian people.

From: Assyrian/ Chaldean/ Suryoyo from CANADA
E-mail: dalale_1@

Despina-Linda Cockinis Monday, 9/ 25/ 00, 11:40 AM

Am reading your book and have been crying on numerous occasions. My grandfather was a military man from Smyrna. He fled to Alexandria in Egypt where my father was born and bred. I have read numerous books on this subject and was very interested to read in particular that Turkey has a policy of getting American universities to keep quiet--no wonder my search for certain rare books is to no avail and queries go unanswered or ignored. It all makes so much sense now!! Can anyone help with George Horton's "The Blight of Asia" published in 1926 by Merrill-Dobbs Inc?? I have been searching for 2 years and know that 11-15 copies exist in the Ohiolink libraries. All the very best with your ongoing quest to expose the truth!!

From: UK (born in Sudan, brought up in South Africa)
Web Site: linda cockinis
E-mail: lindacockinis@

Konstantinos Fotiadis Wednesday, 9/ 20/ 00, 7:48 PM

I wish I could read english and understand your book. I am sure it is very important to be able to tell our kids about our grand parents lives, in those years in Samsunta,Kerasunta,Trapezunta,and the way the Turks treated them. The question is:will anyone translate this book to greek so we can read it and understand it? My parents come from Meten and Kars. I am very sorry that I could not have come to that at the Stathakion with you and the Society.

From: Serres Greece
E-mail: fotipapou@

Dennis R. Papazian Wednesday, 9/ 13/ 00, 7:15 AM

Correction of web site.

From: University of Michigan-Dearborn
Web Site: Armenian Research Center
E-mail: papazian@

Dennis R. Papazian Wednesday, 9/ 13/ 00, 7:07 AM

I have not yet read the book, but intend to do so as soon as I can get a copy. Armenians, Greeks, Assyrans have all shared the same fate and must cooperate.

From: Michigan
Web Site: Armenian Research Center
E-mail: papazian@

Bill Herald (Vasili Kirikos) Monday, 9/ 11/ 00, 9:57 PM

From: Silver Spring, Maryland
E-mail: microbiology@

Spiro Macris Saturday, 9/ 9/ 00, 5:00 PM

From: Wilmington, North Carolina
E-mail: spiromacris@

Margaret Stephens Saturday, 9/ 9/ 00, 3:06 PM

Read your book recently and couldn't put it down. Included a review in ournewsletter Northwest Ethnic Voice---would you like a copy of our newsletter? If so, email me!

From: Salem Oregon
E-mail: mlstep@

Constantine Heridis Saturday, 9/ 9/ 00, 1:12 AM

The "NOT EVEN MY NAME" should be read by all Greeks, Armenians,Assyrians and Jews and engourage many more others of all nationalities to read it,so the holocausts,genocites and attrocities of the past,never happen AGAIN !!! GOD BLESS.

From: Born in Greece and i live in U.S.A.,CA

Sophia Thursday, 9/ 7/ 00, 11:35 AM

Dear Thea, Please contact me I just got back from vacation and want to connect with you about the review as we previously discussed. Could you give me a phone number where I can reach you? Thanks. Sophia

From: Oyster Bay, NY
E-mail: sophwriter@

Rachel Emerson Himmelstein Thursday, 9/ 7/ 00, 9:36 AM

What a story! Themia you are an incredible woman. I wish the Turkish gov't would teach their countrymen and the world about taking responsiblity for thier mistakes and embracing the Armenina, Greek, Assyrian and Jewish cultures and populations. And also the truth about Ataturk! I mean he is practically considered a GOD in that country and culture! I have so many feelings, thoughts, comments and questions after reading this book but, I do not want upset you or me anymore. May your rest of your years be filled with love, peace, laughter, grand-children and utter joy! Regards, Rachel

From: USA
E-mail: rhimmelstein@

Dr. Athanasios D. Sarantopoulos Friday, 9/ 1/ 00, 6:36 AM

This is a very interesting and truthful book. It makes the reader wonder why the U.S. and other European countries still support the "Republic of Turkey" financially and politically at the time when [Turkey] occupies 40% of Cyprus. Every concerned citizen must read this book in order to understand the Turkish attrocities.

From: Athens, Greece
E-mail: athan@

Paul Peter Hatgil (Apostolos Panayiotis Hatgilakos) Friday, 9/ 1/ 00, 6:22 AM

I purchased Halo's book today from the University Coop. I also instructed them to stock the book. Have recommended to all in my AHEPA District and my Church to buy the book.

From: Boston, now Austin, TX
Web Site: Prof. Paul Peter Hatgil
E-mail: propph@

John Zane Argoudelis Friday, 9/ 1/ 00, 5:40 AM

From: Chicago, Illinois
E-mail: Reb9227@

James Cameron Thursday, 8/ 24/ 00, 4:45 PM

Your book is brilliant and very movingly and eloquently written. Though I have no ties to these people on an ethnic level, I am tied to them forever after on an emotional, spiritual and human level. Thank you for this fine history, and thanks to your mother for keeping the memory of her people alive. As to candidates, Ralph Nader is only person to vote for in the next election who we can count on to have integrity.

From: Berkeley, CA

Vigen Gulbenkian Thursday, 8/ 24/ 00, 3:03 PM

Don't vote for Turkish puppets GOre and Lieberman. Or Azeri apologist Bush and Cheney. Don't get suckered by these 4 idiots.

From: Highland Park, NJ USA

alexandra Monday, 8/ 21/ 00, 2:23 PM

This book would be appropriate for Oprah's Book Club. Is there anyway for it to be brought to her attention? Incredible reading. May the memory of the victims be eternal.

From: Springfield

chris Monday, 8/ 21/ 00, 2:16 PM

Incredibly moving account of the Greek Genocide. Though my family came from Smyrna and Nechori, Brusa in Asia Minor, sadly, their stories are the same. I'm so glad that I have read your book. It was one that needed to be written. I wish you much successs.

From: massachusetts
E-mail: xmastoes@

Friday, 8/ 11/ 00, 11:12 PM

It was an honor to meet you aboard my Amtrak train, the San Joaquin Valley Train #716 from Oakland, Calif. to Bakersfield, Calif.

Eugene Okamoto Friday, 8/ 11/ 00, 11:08 PM

From: California
E-mail: geneokamoto@

jack boas Friday, 8/ 11/ 00, 9:38 AM

Hi Thea, I enjoyed meeting you at the conference. Would you mind giving me an address I can send the copy of We Are Witnesses to? Thanks and good luck. Jack

E-mail: jabo@

besim bozan Monday, 8/ 7/ 00, 1:52 PM

8/ 7/ 2000 im self assyrian born in turkey left to sveden 1980 I read your book and was deeply moved by it. may God bless you and grant your Mother and family peace. Was your Mother able to remember her family's name? Thank you for writing about this painful period of history. besim bozan fron sout NJ

From: assyrian born turkey
E-mail: dcngb@

Jeannie Beckett Monday, 8/ 7/ 00, 1:37 PM

I teach high school and want to urge Thea Halo to adapt her book for junior and/ or senior high school students. It is such an important story. Night by Elie Weisel, Anne Frank's Diary and Farewell to Manzanar are now taught in many schools. Thea should read these books which are very accessible to students and then adapt Book Two and Book Three into a book similar to those others and work to get her own shorter version on school reading lists. Go

From: Cypres, CA
E-mail: vjbeckett@

Hallajian Monday, 8/ 7/ 00, 1:26 PM

Kalispera yev Paree Desank Polorvin, I feel pretty dopy right now that, as a grandson of an Armenian Genocide survivor from Ourfa, I barely heard a thing about all the atrocities to befall the non-Armenian Christians of what is now Turkey. Hardly ever mentioned among my Armenian circles, literature, and events. I will let other Armenians know about this book and what happened to the Hellenic peoples of AnatoliaAlthough many of my people deeply internalize what happened to us during this worst part of our histroy,. I'm disappointed my Armenian elders hardly discussed the Greeks and Assyrians. Only recently, since meeting an Assyrian from al-Qamishli, have I heard of their holocaust. I hope to meet Sano someday, and show her my respects. Yasou and Voghch Ulak

From: New Jersey

Youel A Baaba Sunday, 8/ 6/ 00, 7:08 PM

Dear Miss Halo, Thank you for a beautiful book that should be a must reading for all Assyrians, Greeks, and Armenians whose ancestors suffered at the hands of the Turks. It will remain as a treasured item in my personal library especially after you autographed it for me during the Assyrian Genocide Conference. With your tolerance, I have a comment. Your web page quotes many statements from different sources; however, one does not see or feel that your book is also about Assyrians. You are half Assyrian and in my opinion, they should be mentioned whenever possible. We don't have much opportunity to get recognition from the rest of world. So when we have a successful person like yourself, I believe that you should do your best to promote your paternal heritage also. Again thank you and it was an honor to meet you and listern to your speeck. I hope that in the future we will have an opportunity to meet you again. As promised, I will send you a copy of "An Assyrian Odyssey" which covers the exodus of Assyrians from Urmia in 1918. Best wishes, Youel A Baaba

From: Alamo, California
E-mail: YABLibrary @ AOL. com

Elisabeth Saturday, 8/ 5/ 00, 12:31 AM

I am in the process of putting together a website and I would like to start a non-profit organization to raise funds and help the christians of Greek, Armenian and Assyrian in Turkey. My family suffered also, like others, though we were considered more fortunate. I feel we are so blessed to reside in a nation where we have all the modern conviences. I feel I would like to give back to the community. I received a letter from the Office of the Patriarchate stating that there is still remaining a community of Greeks that reside "peacefully with the mostly Muslim population" along the coast. Letter is dated: Phanar, May 6, 1999. Metropolitan Meliton of Philadelphia. I would like to know if anyone else is as interested as I am to join me in this project. I have some donations for the cause already. Naturally, not all the communities of christians and Muslims reside so comfortably together. I am only quoting the letter. Thirdly, I am interested to start a Pontian Greek- American Directory for business and personal families usage so networking can be made easier for everyone. If there is any interested parties, do contact me: isfah@

From: Isauria
E-mail: isfah@

Dorothy Coutsakis Tuesday, 8/ 1/ 00, 2:14 PM

Both my grandparents were from Asia Minor and escaped the genocide of the Greeks by the Turks by marching through the mountains to freedom. How we wish we had recorded my grandmothers memories of those days. They were from Flogita in Turkey. Your mother will be forever in our prayers for bringing this story to the world.

From: NYC
E-mail: dcoutsakis@

David Y Wednesday, 7/ 19/ 00, 6:20 PM

congradulations , for the nice book , a peace of history that should have been told long time ago . great job . As assyrian my self , My grandfather and his family has been through the same thing , I have told every one I know about your book ,and I will have some thing about the book on the assyrian radio station in chicago God bless you and your mother

From: Chicago
E-mail: golfman119@

Nicholas Tanery Tuesday, 7/ 18/ 00, 6:37 PM

I will talk to the local Greek activists in Portland, Oregon to buy multiple copies of this book and have it distributed. GODBLESSYOU THEA

From: Portland, Oregon
E-mail: ntanery@

Francis J. McInerney Monday, 7/ 17/ 00, 10:24 AM

Barev To Everyone, I did not understand that these were posted. I write reviews on Amazon. I have reviewed some books that attempt to sell fictional Turkish History, and also books about the Horror of the Genocide. Among others there is the fantasy biography of Ataturk, the truth of "Caravans To Oblivion", and several more books I have yet to write about. I also hope to travel to Armenia next month for the first time. I would love to correspond with anyone about Armenia and its History. Finally, I wish to apologize for my Country's continued support of Turkey, and the billions of dollars that are, and have been spent there. I understand the strategic importance of the geography, but if there has ever been a time for my Government to say, "admit what you did, take responsibility and join the civilized world", the time is now. If Turkey wishes to continue to spread their fiction, let them do it without our money. We need their land less and less for our Aircraft. The time has long since come and gone when a nation that compares badly to Nazi Germany is allowed to be an ally of ours, or participate in civilized society. I will print all your letters, and bring them to the memorial in Armenia. All of your family members are heroes to me. I am so very sorry for your suffering. I will continue to write about the genocide the world seems all too eager to forget for whatever small comfort it may be. Francis J. McInerney

From: Avon Connecticut
E-mail: loverofclassics@

Margaret Johnson Sunday, 7/ 16/ 00, 1:46 PM

Love this beautifully written book revealing so much of history and customs. I highly recommend it.

From: Michigan
Web Site: 18, No Time To Waste
E-mail: MJohn33000@

CONSTANTINE HERIDIS Sunday, 7/ 16/ 00, 8:44 AM

Dear Thea,i read the "NOT EVEN MY NAME".I loved it,i lived it and i enjoed it with heartbreak emotion and tears and i hope God will awake up those who have the power and the responsibility,to bring someday into the JUSTICE,the criminals of HOLOCAUSTS and GENOCIDES of today's and the past centuries,so NEVER happen again! My daughter read it too. Now my son and my wife are reading your excellent TUE STORY!!!Thanks again Thea and GOD Bless. Constantine Heridis(Pontios) Silicon Valley,California,U.S.A. gheridis22@ yahoo,com palaviaris@ C_HER25@

From: Born in Greece,now living in CA,USA
Web Site: Constantine
E-mail: gheridis22@

Constantine Heridis Friday, 7/ 14/ 00, 12:30 PM

Dear Thea,God bless you and thank you again for your mother's true story of survival.Your mother's true story ofgenocide and survival,is ALL of our christian Greek Pontians,Armenians and Asyrians mother's and father's true stories of genocide and survival! JUST A COMMENT:FOR THE BLIND AND DEAF, SUPERPOWER!!! The Turks commited crimes and acrocites then in 1920's ,they did it in 1974 to our Greek brothers and sisters Cypriots and still they do it now as we speak to the Kurds today! Where is U.S.A. ,the so called THE LEADER of DEMOCRACY,HUMAN RIGHTS,JUSTICE and LIBERTY? How LONG they have to wait and HOW MUCH MORE they want to see of the barberic actions of Turks ????????????????? Let the "NOT EVEN MY NAME" be their WITNESS,their JURY and the JUDGE of all the HOLOCAUSTS and GENOCIDES the Turks committed, the last century!!! Dear Thea, God bless you,your mother and the souls of all the victims of the Turkish ginocides!!! Constantine Heridis,The Pontic.

From: Greece
Web Site: Constantine
E-mail: C_HER25@

CONSTANTINE HERIDIS Friday, 7/ 14/ 00, 10:51 AM

My daughter Katerina(majior in history),bought your book "NOT EVEN MY NAME". I am reading it(page # 149 -THE GREAT GIVEAWAY). I love it and also i live it ,because my both parents are Pontics and born in your mother's bithplace in Turkey.My father was 12 when left home through the same presumed route to exile in 1920.He lost his family of 8 members ,and saved by a relative lady going through Syria,Lebanon,Agypt and finally ended up in north Greece(Grevena).Later he learned his family was in central Greece(Trikala/ Larisa).He went there to find his brother Constantine ,dying in his arms. His sester died a day before his arrival.His father Lumbo,mother Despina,sister Eleni,brother George and sister Sofia,all died the same month!Thessalia's (central Greece) climate was too hot for them.They lived in the Pontic mountains in Turkey.My mother passed away and my father is still alive.He is 95 years old.Gog's willing next year i'll take him to his birthplace in one of the cities ,Samsun ,Ordu or Trabzon ,if he make it,still he can walk with a cane! Finally,i like to congratulate you and thank you for your mother's "true story of genocide and survival", wich tells also all our Pontics,armenians and Asyrians mother's and father's "TRUE STORIES OF GENOCIDE AND SURVIVAL" !!! P.S. NEVER LOOSE FAITH. "PALI ME XRONIA ME KAIROUS,PALI DIKA MAS THA EINAI!"


lazar garo Friday, 7/ 14/ 00, 10:44 AM


From: toms river nj,born in jersey city
E-mail: zorbagk@

Jeff Atto Monday, 7/ 10/ 00, 12:33 AM

Dear Thea, Your book is well written, and it should be mandatory for "holocaust literature" students. In Michigan, many high schools have such classes but the Genocides that occurred in Turkey to the Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks, and other Christian groups are covered in a day's time (or not covered at all), while the rest of the curriculum is about the Genocides of WWII. Having never been overseas, I can almost picture everything that you wrote about because you did so with such great detail and historical accuracy. Thank you for doing such a great job! Good luck in the future!

From: West Bloomfield, MI
E-mail: jeffatto@

chris ehdges Saturday, 7/ 8/ 00, 1:29 PM

From: new york
E-mail: hedges@

John Kottos Monday, 7/ 3/ 00, 5:24 PM

Thea I am so touched by your determination and courage to bring the truth to the world. It is so sad to see the Turkish government trying to cover up one of the darkest chapters in modern history. They need to be awaken and realize that only "truth" can help them come out of the darkness and set them free as equals among the peace loving democratic societies. They also need to learn that truth always prevails. I can only imagine what my Ionian mother's family went through before settling in Greece. I was told a few stories by my mother and grandmother, but the vivid flow of events in your book simply made me cry. I am proud of you and of your mother's courage. This is a Triumph for humanity. I would also like to compliment the brave Publishers. God bless.

From: Bedford NH
E-mail: jkottos@

Craig Burk Wednesday, 6/ 28/ 00, 1:38 PM

Please forward to Thea Halo this message from Craig Burk, a friend from the early 1980s in New York. ----------------- Dear Thea, I was walking out of the Border's in downtown Portland, Oregon, where I now live with my wife and children and your name on your new book caught my eye. I turned to the back flap of the dust jacket and there you were (as uniquely beautiful as ever) with you mother. Bravo, Thea! I will read your book. I know that your heritage was always very important to you. Now you have grabbed it head on. Warmest regards, Craig cburk@

From: Portland, Oregon
E-mail: cburk@

THEODORE STEFATOS Wednesday, 6/ 28/ 00, 12:39 PM

I am glad to see that this unknow story of the pontic and christian genocide commited by the ottoman turks has finally reached a diverse and large audience outside our respected greek community.This is a dark secret that the turkish government would like to forget and act as if it never happened,after all we do not hate turks we just want this genocide aknowledged by the turkish government and remembered as a human tragedy affecting all of us.


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evangeline roros fouras Wednesday, 6/ 28/ 00, 5:51 AM

I read your book and was deeply moved by it. may God bless you and grant your Mother and family peace. Was your Mother able to remember her family's name? Thank you for writing about this painful period of history. Evangeline Fouras

From: pataskala,ohio
E-mail: lillypad105@

Constantine Kazakos Tuesday, 6/ 20/ 00, 11:22 AM

My parental origins are from Asia Minor. During the early 1920s my father's family was subject to the exchange of populations between Turkey and Greece. Although well off financially they had to leave everything behind and start and new life in Athens. Same situation with the family of my mother who originated from Smyrna and were subject to massacre.

From: Athens, Greece
E-mail: ConKaz@

Fr. Thaddaeus Tuesday, 6/ 20/ 00, 11:12 AM

Excellent book! Don't let this piece of history slip out of the conscience of humanity. Get one for yourself; give one to a freind; request them at your local bookstore; stock them in your church; send one to your local politician. http:/ /

From: Felton, CA
Web Site: - Compiling the largest selection of Orthodox publications on the Internet.
E-mail: findit@

Raphael Masterjohn Sunday, 6/ 18/ 00, 8:48 PM

I read the book in two days. It is well written and I recommedned it to many others through the web. My wife is now reading it. I am certain it is not fiction. I am 76 years old. My father came to the USA as a Turkish subject though he was Greek. He came from Niceros in the Dodecanese. He told me stories of the Turkish barbarities that completely agree with what I read in Not Even My Name. As Orthodox Christians, we do not hate the Turks, but the coverup of their genocide against Christians must be exposed or it will happen again and again. God bless Themia and Thea for courageously testifying to the truth. God grant you both many years. With love in Christ, Raphael

From: West Brookfield, MA 01585
E-mail: RMOrthodox@

Fr. Kleanthis Korkotas Sunday, 6/ 18/ 00, 6:24 PM

Dear Thea, Congratulations on a wonderful book. As a descendant of Pontic and Ionian Greeks, I found each page of your book moving and inspiring. My grandparents went through similar hardships in Asia Minor. I found myself remembering stories from my grandmother. Many times I had to stop reading your book because I was filled with emotion. God bless you, your mother, and your family. Fr. Kleanthis Korkotas

From: Bethpage, New York
E-mail: kleanth@

Roula Melidis Wednesday, 6/ 14/ 00, 11:45 AM


From: Astoria, New York
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SAVVAS K. Monday, 6/ 12/ 00, 8:22 PM



mary dimitrakis Thursday, 6/ 8/ 00, 7:53 PM

I want to order this book-for i have read Eleni and a place for us and the priest that fainted-I love all these books that relate to my Greek proud heritage.

From: nj
E-mail: mangas13@

TED KARABINAS Monday, 6/ 5/ 00, 4:37 PM


E-mail: teddytu@

Maryann Charos Saturday, 6/ 3/ 00, 11:57 AM

I've ordered this book, I can't wait to read it. I plan to attend the reading in Newburyport, MA next Friday

From: Dover, NH USA
E-mail: bldbnkr@

Firas Jatoiu Saturday, 6/ 3/ 00, 9:36 AM

Wonderful book. Highly recommended to discover the untold genocide of the Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks in Turkey.

From: Illinois, USA
Web Site: Assyria online
E-mail: jatou@

Manos Monday, 5/ 29/ 00, 7:45 PM

Congratulations on this wonderful book Thea. You did your mother a tremendous honor in writing her life story. I read each page in anticipation of the next. Each page stirred up enormous amounts of emotion. Your vivid description of your mothers ancestral homeland brought it to life in my mind. I felt overwhelmed with grief as your mother described her exile from her rightful place in the world. I only wished I could have jumped in and helped. It was such an privilage to read your book and I also congratulate the publishing company in their courage to go against the politically baised media's norm of complying with Turkeys request to suppress this part of their history. I heard your interview on AKTINA- FM and found it remarkable how despite all your mothers suffering at the hands of the Turkish Government she finds no fault with the people. God bless her. And God bless you Thea for this very important masterpiece that you have created. Sincerely, Manos

From: New York
E-mail: znto_hellas@

John Monday, 5/ 29/ 00, 5:45 AM

This is a fantastic book. My grandparents are also from Pontos (Trebizond)and they were able to flee to Russia and then to Greece. It was very moving to see a personal account of the bucolic life in a remote village and the ensuing sufferings. My only question is you never mention what was your mothers maiden last name? Congratulations

From: Wilmington, DE
E-mail: yiannis01@

Oreste Alexiou Friday, 5/ 26/ 00, 1:46 AM

I 've read you. There is more history in your book than any book they teach at the Greek school system. It exceeded my expectations. I congratulate you.

From: Athens, Greece
E-mail: eddy@

Nicholas Al-Jeloo Saturday, 5/ 20/ 00, 8:06 PM

Dear Thea Thank you for your wonderful book, which shares a piece of your family's painful history with us all. Mr. Warda is right in saying that "Historical facts written in the form of a novel have much greater impact on readers than pure historical text", especially due to the fact that you are a child of an Assyrian and a Pontian Greek, and the neice by marriage of an Armenian - your story collectively touches the world community and the descendants of all those targeted in the 20th century's first genocide. It really is a shame, though, that very few factual novels are available about this part of wrold history. If the horrors of these terrible events are ever allowed to fall from memory, such inhumanities will keep on being repeated. Their remembrance and condemnation is the only way to prevent humankind from slipping into such barbaric practices again. The Assyrian communities in the diaspora worldwide celebrate you and your Assyrian heritage. The suffering of the Assyrians is rarely ever mentioned alongside that of the Armenians and the Greeks. While the above have managed to secure a homeland since then, the Assyrians continue to live with with the painful memories of the Turkish massacres, death marches and exile from their historical lands uncompensated. We the descendents of the victims will never forget the atrocities committed on all our people be they Assyrians, Armenians or Greeks. If we all do our best, we will soon make justice finally prevail by making the genocides of millions of Armenians, Assyrians and Hellenes known and recognized throughout the world. The work you do, especially your book, is a priceless contribution to those efforts. God Bless You, Nicholas

From: Sydney, Australia
Web Site: The Assyrian Australian Academic Society
E-mail: aljeloo@

wm warda Saturday, 5/ 20/ 00, 9:14 AM

Dear Ms. Halo: Thank you for your wonderful book.Historical facts written in the form of a novel have much greater impact on readers than pure historical text.It is too bad that few factual novels style books are available about this segment of the human experience. If the horrors of these terrible events are allowed to be forgotten such inhumanities will be repeated again and again. Their remembrance and condemnation is the only way to prevent mankind from slipping into such barbaric practices. The wandering Assyrian communities around the world celebrate you Assyrian heritage. Their suffering is seldom mentioned alongside the Armenians and the Greeks. While the Armenians and the Greeks have managed to secure a homeland since then, Assyrians continue to live with consequences of the Turkish massacres, death marches and exile from their historical lands. wm warda

From: Los Angeles Ca.
E-mail: mercury@

Marika Papouris Friday, 5/ 19/ 00, 9:56 PM

John Apazidis Friday, 5/ 19/ 00, 8:49 PM

It was a moment of excitement with a bit of shock when I stumbled upon Ms. Halo's book this evening while perusing the new arrivals section at Border's. Since today is the Commemoration Day for the Pontian Genocide (May 19) it could not have been a more adequate day. Every Pontian and Hellene, everyone who has been affected by this horrible crime that occurred not too many years ago, should own a copy of this book. You will find a link to this web page from on the Must See Link section.

From: Boston, MA
Web Site: Trapezounta
E-mail: trapezounta@

Dean's mom Friday, 5/ 19/ 00, 2:54 PM

Dear Thea, San ton Theo se perimename (Like God we were waiting for you.) I am Dean's mom the founder and co-director from Greek American Writer's Association -- he told me about you and your book, "Not Even My Name". Your writing style is spellbinding. It's as though you have a fine crochet needle and you crochet with sensitivity and sensibility the intricate cloth of your mother's past and the past of so many other souls. Because you are a child of a Greek and an Assyrian, and the neice by marriage of an Armenian -- your story touches the collective "US". Meanwhile, please know that I am promoting you and your book. I have much to say, but this should suffice for now. WELCOME INTO OUR LIVES AND CONSCIOUSNESS. Dean's mom, Sofia****

From: Philadelphia
E-mail: Zoiritsa@

Anna Boutou Friday, 5/ 19/ 00, 11:06 AM

Dear Thea, I work for ANTENNA TV and I will prepare a story on the pontic genocide based on your book which was sent to me by our bureau in New York. If you read this message by tomorrow,can you give me a call? I would like a short telephone interview with you.In any case we would like to hear from you in person. Anna Boutou telephone work ++30-1-68.86.470/ 1/ 2 telephone home ++30-1-68.15.058

From: Athens, Greece
E-mail: aboutou@

David Chibo Friday, 5/ 19/ 00, 1:20 AM

Dear Thea, Thank you for sharing a piece of your family's painful history with us all. We the descendents of the victims will never forget the atrocities committed on all our people including; Assyrians, Armenians and Greeks. God Bless You.

From: Melbourne, Australia
Web Site: The Assyrian Youth Group of Victoria
E-mail: davidchibo@

Roberto Lopes Thursday, 5/ 18/ 00, 11:15 PM

Dear Thea Halo, If we all do our best, we will soon make justice finally prevail by making the genocides of millions of Armenians, Assyrians and Hellenes known and recognized all over the world. Your work is an invaluable contribution to those efforts. Eyxaristw poly. Roberto Lopes.

From: Sao Paulo, Brazil
E-mail: roblopes@

Andreas Theodorou Thursday, 5/ 18/ 00, 9:29 PM

Excellent book! I'm half-way through and just can't stop reading! They should make this into a movie. It's a sad story with many lessons... one of which is that things like this should never happen to anybody!! I'm glad that this is helping to educate some people on what happened at one time, and also sheds light on the fact that we should not allow ourselves to be spoon-fed everything that they teach us in school. Z H T O H H E L L I N E S !!!

From: Chicago, IL

Sophia Kokonas Friday, 5/ 12/ 00, 10:03 AM

It's about time someone wrote about the Greek Holocaust! Educate yourselves; this is a huge part of our history that has been tragically neglected!

From: Chicago
E-mail: exo kaifia@

Cynthia Coussoulis-Tsapanidis Thursday, 5/ 11/ 00, 8:44 PM

I am amazed at how you truly grasp the harmony of the Pontian people and their sympathetic outlook towards all people -even with such attrocities committed towards them. As a Peleponisian married to a Pontian, I thought I had been made aware of the Pontian and Armenian Massacres. I am only half way through your book and cannot beleive how much I did not know. I am sure I will complete it soon, I can't seem to put it down for long. My husband is aware of most of the accounts you mention, learned from school in Greece or passed down from elders. Why have not I, educated in the US and travelled to Greece extensively, ever come accross any of these accounts until I met my Husband at age 27? The answer is on page 117, Historical Notation. Thank you for writing Not Even My Name.

From: Lyndhurst, NJ USA

Sophia Varnasidis Tuesday, 5/ 9/ 00, 5:57 PM

Dear Thea, Thank you for sharing your mother's story with us. I want you to know that there are other Pontians out there who feel what your mother went through and know that the struggle was not an easy one. I thank you for having the courage to listen to her and hear her story, and then have the strength to write it. I look forward to reading your book and shedding my tears to the words I know I have heard before. Best wishes and good luck. Love, Sophia Varnasidis

From: Chicago, IL
E-mail: sophia_v@

anastasia Spiridis Monday, 5/ 8/ 00, 8:45 PM

There are no words to describe the greatness of your book. I have dreamed of the day that our history is "shouted" for all to hear. As I read, I cry with every page I turn as I recall the same stories my grandparents have told me. May we always remember where we came from and may we also remember those, especially on May 19th, who didn't survive bloodshed of the Turks.

From: Chicago,il
E-mail: pontia00@

Nell McLemore Monday, 5/ 8/ 00, 7:18 PM

Dear Thea, When your sister Helyn, my friend and neighbor, began to tell me about your book, I knew I wanted to read it. She gave me a copy and as I began to read, I could see I would not be disappointed. Your skill with words is truly a gift. The word pictures you paint take one right into the scene. I have always loved words and am savoring every page. U.S.News had it right: "...a sad story told with simple grace." I would add "...done tastefully and with great sensitivity." I have great admiration for your mother and would love to meet her. Anyone who could go through what she did and yet have the courage and determination to meet life head-on and succeed deserves our heartfelt praise. Sincerely, Nell McLemore

From: Lafayette, LA
E-mail: nelcage@

Charles Steve Roemer Sunday, 5/ 7/ 00, 6:11 AM

Dear Thea, Your book is a sad history of an era that is unknown to most Americans. I did not know that Pontic Greek and Assyrian Christians were driven, as were the Armenians, to Southern Turkey near the Euphrates. I have a close Armenian friend who lives in Encino, CA. He is near 90 and has also written a book. He is college educated and worked as a checker of Engineering Drawings. Douglas (Doc) told me about his mother who also was driven to the desert. She was invited to tea with General Allenby in Aleppo, Syria after his sweeping advance (aided by Lawrence of Arabia)through Jerusalem from Cairo to Aleppo. His mother pointed out the "effendi" who had been captured. Allenby told her not to call them "effendi" as they were murderers. Doc and his brother lived in a cave and ate grapes to stay alive. They were befriended by a Greek family who allowed them to stay in their home for a small fee. The two hired a buggy and fled east. When they reached Knoya (ancient Icomium), they knew they were temporarily safe. Somehow, his older sister was in Konya. The whole story is in his book. I was especially touched when I read about your mother's calf, Mata, who mystically waited for her to return. I had a good mother just like yours. She died about 10 years ago. Thank God she never had the trials and tribulations that your mother went through. I am about halfway through your book. (at the start of the death march.) Doc, his brother,sister,and mother made it to America via a train to Istanbul and ship to New York. They earned money in Konya and Istanbul to pay for their fair. Also, some relative in Istanbul helped out a little. Doc was conned by Frank Roosevelt and Joe Kennedy to form his political beliefs. I was lucky. I knew better as I read history and refuse to be led like sheep by Mafia gansters and Union thugs. My home state was Kentucky. The Democrats have owned that State all my lifetime. As a boy, I watched the democrats confiscate legal whiskey from little dealers or close them down. They also confiscated sides of beef from the local packing house so they could give barbeques free and buy votes. Republicans registered as Democrats so as to have some say in the dictatorship they called "machine politics." I am sorry that you appear to be a entrenched slave to the Democratic party. I am a veteran of WWII. I cannot stand Clinton or his wife. I know what they are. They are a disgrace to our country. Very truly yours, Charles Steve Roemer

From: Las Vegas, Nevada
E-mail: EtienneRoe@

Peter Menkin Wednesday, 5/ 3/ 00, 4:22 PM

Your web site looks enticing and filled with important and tragic stories of our century, and lives that shed light on the modern world.

From: Northern California, USA
Web Site: Hello, World
E-mail: menk@

Patrick Crane Monday, 5/ 1/ 00, 3:08 PM

I am so excited. I spoke with you be telephone several weeks ago - I work in customer service at the Golden Key Nat'l Honor Society - when you called. You told me about your book - I, in turn told several Jewish friends about your site - their familes are from the isle of Rhodes, victimes of the inquisition long ago. Anyhow, I got a call from the little book seller near my home that I love - Tall Tales, Book Sales, and your book is here. I pick it up tomorrow. I am so pleased for you. Hope you make a million - but more importantly, I just know your Mother must be so proud of you. Good luck! From a 60 year old gay guy in Atlanta.

From: Atlanta
E-mail: jpatrick@

jane fraser Friday, 4/ 21/ 00, 10:36 AM

the book sounds very interesting. i will mention it also to my friends! jane

From: long eddy post office
E-mail: jfraser@

Annika Triandafyllidou Thursday, 4/ 20/ 00, 10:39 AM

I am happy that there are people like you who will take the time to write about Pontos. When I have history at school and they talk about the greek history, no one knows what or where Pontos is, when you mention the name. My great greatgrandmother has made the deathmarch. When she left Pontos she had eleven children - her husband, my great greatgrandfather was already killed by the Turkisch. She had only one child left when she arrived in Greece. She became 105 years old and till her death she lived with her memories.So she suffered till the last day. I'm happy that there is a book now that tells people about this only to the Greeks from Pontos known genocide. So that the people who made the Deathmatch will not be forgotten. Annika

From: Netherlands
Web Site: mix
E-mail: atriandafy@

jill Wednesday, 4/ 19/ 00, 1:33 PM

i can't wait to find out more about our history & to share it with alexis. she will also have her own copy so when she grows up she can share grandma's story with future generations to come. grandma is a remarkable woman may she be with us forever! love you jill

From: new york
E-mail: user755524

Jennifer Gold Friday, 4/ 14/ 00, 11:43 AM

Thank you for the preview of Not Even My Name. A co- worker brought the book to my attention, who happens to be a friend of a relative of Sano's. I'm looking forward to reading the entire book. It sounds like a fascinating memoir.

From: Chicago, Illinois
E-mail: jengold@

Helyn Thursday, 4/ 13/ 00, 6:10 AM

Thea,I'm really interested in knowing when this book is coming out. Of course I'll buy the book and keep it till I feel I can read it. Did you email your site to Good Morning America and the other morning shows. I am anxious to see you on tv. I am truly happy you wrote this book. Mom will live forever. I have been to Ellis Island and found her and pop there. I love it. Sis Helyn

E-mail: helyni@

Nejmy Halo Evins Wednesday, 4/ 12/ 00, 9:12 AM

Nejmy Halo Evins Wednesday, 4/ 5/ 00, 4:42 PM Dear Thea: This is a great tribute to our mother & family and to the memory of all those people who perished as a result of man's inhumanity to man. I'm very proud of you, Your sister, Nejmy (morning star) From: Chicago,Il E-mail: jessicae@

From: Chicago
E-mail: jessicae@

Kathryn Chancer AKA: Katie Saturday, 4/ 8/ 00, 10:14 AM

Hello Thea:) Nejmy - AKA:Jessica has told me all about this wonderful book about Sano. Your mother must be very proud of you and your talents. George and I are leaving on the cruise today. Sam and Nejmy are going to come on board in Barcelona, Spain for the last 12 days. Sano must be very proud to finally expose this information to the world. We can all learn something from this. Sano doesn't realize how strong she is and we pray for her recovery from the accident. We will see you in the near future. :} Love Katie

From: New York City
Web Site: KCha414374@
E-mail: KCha414374

Helyn Thursday, 4/ 6/ 00, 4:51 PM

Thea, I think you did a great job. I thought many years ago mom should have taped her story, and now it's here. Personally I don't think I'm going to be able to read it. It's too close to home and I cried enough in my youth. I am very happy it is now in the open. Maybe she'll feel better that it's out and she will not feel so alone. Thanks so much Thea for the book. Your sis Helyn

E-mail: helyni@

M. Sheppert Monday, 4/ 3/ 00, 5:53 PM

From: Lafayette, LA
E-mail: msheppert@

Erica Courtney Saturday, 4/ 1/ 00, 2:32 PM


From: Los Angeles

Cezanne Halo Ingram Nails Saturday, 4/ 1/ 00, 2:07 PM

Hi Auntie Thea Can't wait. Love always, Wish

From: Louisiana
E-mail: wihsnails@ aol

Patricia Halo Saturday, 3/ 11/ 00, 12:25 PM

Wonderful reader comments and accolades -- well deserved, Thea !

From: New City, NY
E-mail: nimbuslgt2@

Geoff Fox Thursday, 3/ 2/ 00, 8:20 PM

Congratulations on getting through such a painful story. BTW, doesn't "Pontic" (for the mountains and the people) come from the old name for the Black Sea, Pontus Euxinus? There's a fine map at http:/ / What town was your mother from?

From: New York City
Web Site: Kinesis
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Copyright: March 2002, Thea Halo. All rights reserved.